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Help Us Save Warren County!

Help us to maintain reasonable traffic and the quality of life which brought us to, and keeps us in our beautiful Warren County.

This is the information page of Citizens for Sustainable Development. Please request to join both our email list and the closed Facebook group from the links below.

Following is a picture of the original concept proposed to White Township. The upper border of the image is the Delaware River and the lower border is County Highway 519. For some sense of scale, and the enormity of the proposed development, notice the dot like structures in the lower right hand corner of the image: those are homes and our bowling alley. The length of BUILDING #4 is a half mile long!!!

Presently our area is seeing an average daily count of 371 trucks as counted by NJDOT on March 3, 2017.

Traffic projections have been obtained from the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), for buildings of the concept size and ITE estimates between 2,684 and 23,860 trucks dependent upon the facilities intended purpose (e.g. storage vs. parcel hub).

This would be an absolutely destructive amount of heavy, loud, polluting traffic that would lower home value far greater than any tax savings that might be obtained.

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